Doc-style action - migrating from Vale 2.X to 3.X#

When migrating ansys/actions/doc-style from v5 to higher versions, the default Vale version is upgraded to v3. Certain changes must be made to the repository to ensure that the doc-style action performs without issues. Additionally, it is possible to use ansys/actions older than v5 while utilizing Vale v3 as input for the doc-style action like below.

  name: Documentation Style Check
  runs-on: ubuntu-latest
    - name: PyAnsys documentation style checks
      uses: ansys/actions/doc-style@v5
        token: ${{ secrets.GITHUB_TOKEN }}
        vale-version: "3.4.1"

In any of the preceding conditions, there are two mandatory changes and one optional (depending on the repository setup) needs to implemented:

  1. Update Vocab/ANSYS path

    In order to comply with the requirements of Vale v3, it is necessary to update the vocabularies path under the doc/styles directory. Specifically, the default vocabularies path should be modified from Vocab/ANSYS to config/vocabularies/ANSYS. This adjustment ensures that Vale can locate the required vocabulary files.


    Update .gitignore

    If your repository has .gitignore files under styles folder, please update them according to vocabularies changes

  2. Turn off Vale.Terms

    Locate the section in your doc/.vale.ini file where styles are applied. Add Vale.Terms = NO under the section where styles are applied, typically marked with [*.{rst}].

    BasedOnStyles = Vale, Google
    Vale.Terms = NO
  3. Update codespell hook

    If your repository includes a codespell hook in the .pre-commit-config.yaml file, utilizing the accept.txt file, it necessitates modification to reflect the new path as provided below.

    - repo:
      rev: v2.2.6
      - id: codespell
        args: ["--ignore-words", "doc/styles/config/vocabularies/ANSYS/accept.txt"]

Finally, verify that the doc-style action is functioning correctly with the latest changes applied. Run the action and ensure that the documentation style checks are performed without any issues.