Migration guide#

This guide provides information on new features, breaking changes, how to migrate from one version of the actions to another, and other upstream dependencies that have been updated.

Development version#

New features:

Breaking changes:

Migration steps:

Version v6#

New features:

  • Added the ansys/actions/check-vulnerabilities action to check for third-party and first-party vulnerabilities. This is useful when you want to hide the vulnerabilities from the logs, but still want to fail the action if vulnerabilities are found.

  • Avoid creating issues by default if vulnerabilities are found in the ansys/actions/check-vulnerabilities action.

  • Create a changelog fragment file for each pull request using towncrier in the ansys/actions/doc-changelog action.

  • Generate a new section in CHANGELOG.md if fragment files exist using towncrier in the ansys/actions/doc-deploy-changelog action. By default, it updates the CHANGELOG in the release branch and creates a pull request into the main branch with the updated CHANGELOG and deleted fragment files.

  • SEO improvements. These are implemented inside the doc-deploy-dev and the doc-deploy-stable. Users are not required to apply any changes to their conf.py or .github/workflows/*.yml files. Noticable changes include:

    • No more redirect from landing page to version/stable/index.html

    • Generation of robots.txt file for avoiding indexing old documentation versions

    • Generation of sitemap.xml file for quicker indexing of version/stable/ pages

    • Inclusion of canonical link tags in all HTML files for SEO purposes

  • Extend ansys/actions/doc-build to be able to run in Windows runners. To buid the documentation in a Windows runner, we install Chocolatey and Miktex.

  • Allow ansys/actions/commit-style to work with upper case in the type field of a commit. Expected types are upper cases of conventional commit types.

  • Added an optional input to the ansys/actions/build-library action to disable library build validation on demand using the validate-build: false argument. This is useful when you want to skip the library build validation step in the action.

Breaking changes:

  • Upgrade default vale version from 2.29.6 to 3.4.1 in ansys/actions/doc-style action.

  • Vale configuration file .vale.ini and Vocab/ANSYS has to be changed.

Migration steps:

Version v5#

New features:

  • Added ansys/action/check-vulnerabilities to verify third party and first party vulnerabilities. This action uses bandit and safety to detect vulnerabilities in the code and dependencies, respectively.

  • Added ansys/actions/docker-style to detect Dockerfile style issues using hadolint.

  • Allow vale version input in ansys/actions/doc-style action. By default, 2.29.6 is used.

  • Allow using the twine --skip-existing flag in the ansys/actions/release-pypi-* actions.

  • Allow using the ansys/actions/doc-build action to build documentation using a dedicated requirements file (and consequently, no need to have a Python project to use it).

  • Allow for independent documentation releases in case of patch release when using ansys/actions/doc-deploy-stable action. This will create independent documentation versions for patch releases.

Breaking changes:

  • Upgrade actions/upload-artifact and actions/download-artifact to version v4.

  • Upgrade actions/setup-python to version v5.

Migration steps:

  • Since artifacts are uploaded/downloaded using the new actions/*-artifact, artifact names cannot be duplicated inside the workflow. Also, versions v3 and v4 are incompatible with each other. If you are using version v3 independently inside your workflow, you need to upgrade to version v4.

  • The upgrade to actions/setup-python version v5 is not mandatory, but it is recommended to use the latest version. However, it has been seen that in Windows self-hosted runners, if a certain Python version is not already stored in the cache, the action fails. This is a known issue and the workaround is to use the previous version of the action.

Dependency changes:

  • Upgrade actions/checkout to version v4.

  • Upgrade pypa/cibuildwheel to version v2.16.2.

  • Upgrade peter-evans/create-or-update-comment to version v4.

  • Upgrade vimtor/action-zip to version v1.2.

Version v4#

Breaking changes:

  • Multi-version documentation deployment using ansys/actions/doc-deploy-stable and ansys/actions/doc-deploy-dev.

Migration steps: